5B BOGETIC, Accountancy and Business Services Company

5B BOGETIC, Accountancy and Business Services Company was incorporated in 2000 as a limited company in the field of accountancy, bookkeeping, finance, and tax consulting. When opening the Agency Bogetic, our guiding idea was improving the business of our clients by working together and providing our professional services.

5B BOGETIC d.o.o. is involved in accountancy and finance services, more specifically, the provision of financial accounting services, bookkeeping, completion of financial reports, treasury business, accounting for tax and contributions, salaries and other employees earnings.

We also do: reporting to tax authorities, registration of workers at tax authorities, making monthly reports for owners, creating reports for the Statistical Office of Montenegro, making report to the Central Bank of Montenegro, at the end of the year regulation of service for employees.

We can do payments for you, becouse we are connected with all banks in Montenegro, e-banking service. It is equipped with the latest computer network and in order to provide electronic communications is in direct contact with its customers, government institutions and business banks via the internet.

5B Bogetic d.o.o. has nine permanent employees, the majority of whom have university and college qualifications in Economics. The members of our team have many years experience in accountancy.

The goal of the agency is to take on responsibility for clients’ financial business and to provide clients with complete security in terms of meeting legal business requirements. Besides offering guaranteed services in compliance with legal requirements, we monitor the latest publications and regulations of relevance to our clients, and provide them with up ­to ­date information on changes affecting their businesses.